Case Study
An application that helps to quickly and accurately value real estate
  • Challenge: Develop an accessible, intuitive application to share real estate data.
  • Approach: Following agile best-practices, developing the tool in small iterations and capturing feedback early and often.
  • Solution: A responsive web application that does not make maintenance and updates unnecessarily complex.
  • Outcome: Successfully delivered the application, several of Stadim's partners have already signed up for the pilot phase.
Stadim is a renowned company that performs independent real estate valuations. It is the market leader in that niche. The company turned to us to accelerate its digital transformation process. Like many businesses, the real estate agency still ran on offline spreadsheets. We guided those offline processes into the digital age.
Our first mission for Stadim was to develop an application to help make real estate valuations. These tools are on the rise in Belgium, now that such an appraisal is required to take out another home loan with the bank. The application allows prospective buyers to enter real estate information quickly and easily.
We built the application in short iterations where we asked feedback from the first (test) users early and often. Before the final release of the application, we set up a pilot with an extended group of users. This allowed us to understand the needs and wishes of the target group even better, making the tool as intuitive as possible.
During the entire process, special attention was paid to scalability and ease of use. After all, not all real estate buyers are digital natives, the application must also be attractive for that group.
Using state-of-the-art technology, we have created a responsive web application that includes all parameters necessary to value a property. The application automatically configures to mobile devices.
By starting from one codebase for web and mobile, we were able to accelerate development enormously. This also makes long term support and maintenance less complex.
After the successful delivery, several Stadim partners have already registered for the pilot phase of the application. With the app they broaden their offer and can attract new customers.
Hatch has been working closely with Stadim for two years now. In addition to the estimation app, we also help the real estate agency to digitize other services. Our focus is on designing the digital products and user experience.
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