Case Study
An accessible mobile app that monitors mental well-being
  • Challenge: Build a tool that measures mental well-being and dispenses targeted advise.
  • Approach: Package Pulso’s know-how in an easy to use step-by-step mobile application.
  • Solution: A lightweight mobile application that runs on all devices.
  • Outcome: The Reboost app is available on all mobile stores
The Pulso Group has a wealth of know-how and expertise on well-being at work. We translated their offline model into a new online offering that makes full use of interactive digital tools.
The first project we set up together was a tool that measures mental well-being and provides advice. We developed a low-threshold self-test that identifies risks and monitors the evolution of a users' mental well-being.
Conducting a mental health check is still a hurdle for lots of people so for the tool to be successful we knew we had to make it as accessible and lightweight as possible. During development we payed special attention to the look-and-feel of the tool, making it easy and enjoyable to use. Especially because the success of the app stands or falls with regular updates from the users. The app had to be so simple and pleasant that they not only create a profile once, but continue to do the self-test regularly.",
Together with the experts at Pulso, we have built a catalog of self-tests. Each test focuses on one specific domain of mental well-being and takes only a few minutes of the user's time
The Reboost application was a first step in enhancing Pulso's offering with a digital channel. Feedback from end-users was very positive, we are eagerly awaiting first usage statistics to roll out of the system.
Building on the mutual trust that was created by the successful completion of the project, we have now shifted our focus to their employee engagement and employee assistance programs.
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