Case Study
Super-flexible dashboards to forecast hotel occupancy and revenue
  • Challenge: Create a highly flexibel analytics tool to predict hotel revenue.
  • Approach: Workshops, design sessions and a prototype to iterate further.
  • Solution: A tool with which hotels build their own dashboards, adapted to their specific context.
  • Outcome: Deliver the prototype and guide their team during the full build-out.
The income of hotels depends on many different parameters: their location, the season, the weather, events, congresses, airports and stations in the vicinity, etc. In tourist hotels or business hotels, other parameters weigh more heavily. It is crucial for all hotels to be able to predict their turnover as accurately as possible. After all, they adjust their prices, their workforce and their stock to their expected occupancy
Juyo asked us to develop a system that all hotels can use to predict their occupancy and turnover as accurately as possible. A system with which the data analysts of those hotels immediately conjure up the insights that are relevant in their specific context.
After a number of workshops and design sessions, we understood exactly how hotels approach their revenue management and what parameters they use to forecast their revenue. Weather forecasts, incoming flights at the nearby airport, congresses in the conference center in the city,…: different hotels have different emphasis.
We built a first prototype, which we further refined based on regular demos and feedback from Juyo's data experts. Ultimately, we created a platform that allows hotel teams to get a reliable picture of their future revenues faster and more efficiently.
We first looked at existing reporting tools to be able to quickly and efficiently analyze the data Juyo collects. But no solution on the market proved flexible and user-friendly enough. That is why we have built a tool ourselves, tailored to hotels and their greatest challenges. They can put together dashboards with the data that is relevant to them.
The analysts are in control themselves and can easily adjust data and parameters to their needs. They can also visually adapt the dashboard to the corporate identity of their hotels.
Juyo is rapidely becoming ones of the key players in the hospitality analytics market. Their custom approach and deep industry knowledge means they can go head-to-head with existing solutions like power BI and Tableau.
Following the prototype Juyo asked us to assist them in all their user interface work. We are also coaching their nearshore team on all major architectural challenges, helping them migrate their solution to the cloud and making sure they are up to par with all security best practices.
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