Case Study
Remote inspections and assistance tool for mechanical engineering facilities
  • Challenge: Allow smart devices in production facilities to 'talk' to each other and collaborate remotely.
  • Approach: Leverage Amazon's cloud for real-time communication, thanks to the pilot phase even in environments with poor connectivity
  • Solution: A mobile application and video streaming system for remote support sessions.
  • Outcome: Software for production facilities of major players in the automotive and aerospace industry.
Inspectron is an international player that specializes in smart cameras and inspection tools for large production facilities. The company recently launched a new product line to support its integrated industrial maintenance system. Inspectron had designed an IoT device that could capture high-quality images, but the existing software platform was unable to process and share that data in real time.
Enter Hatch.
Working side-by-side with their hardware team in Detroit we developed all but the native device software.
The project showed once again how important the build-or-buy decision is at the start of the process. We didn't reinvent the wheel, we didn't start building from scratch. We chose to leverage Amazon's cloud solution, which facilitates device management and video streaming. This enabled us, together with Inspectron, to focus on the challenges that are unique to the context and environment in which the company operates.
Early in the process we identified a pilot customer which was critical to our success as we soon found out that the devices were being used in big hangar factories, rough environments with lots of connectivity challenges. Luckily we overcame all challenges and quickly iterated towards a stable product.
The mobile application we built complements Inspectron's smart devices. Technicians use the devices to create images of machines or parts, our software conjures them up on a tablet or smartphone. The functionalities on the app support the full lifecycle of those devices from factory registration to operational use.
In addition to the mobile application, we also developed a low-latency video streaming system specifically to enable remote support sessions. Engineers on the other side of the United States, or even the world, are watching in real time with their colleagues and finding solutions as if they were on site in the factory.
The pilot phase is behind us, it was essential for us to understand in which context companies will use the devices and our software. Inspectron is now rolling out the smart devices and associated software all over the world.
Major players from the automotive and aerospace industries are showing an interest in using the devices and the mobile application in their production facilities.
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